The Gospel Coalition
Women's Conference

The Gospel Coalition provides a woman’s conference every other year and June 11-13, 2020, is the coming year’s date. The location is Indianapolis, IN. Speakers include Jen Wilkin, Tim Keller, Nancy Guthrie, Trillia Newbell, Ligon Duncan, and many others, including Worship Leaders Shane and Shane, Davy Flowers, and Bethany Barnard. We hope you’ll consider joining us!! 

Listed below is a rough rundown of the costs, but bear in mind we have 7 months to pull our budget together!

Conference Registrations: $165

Motel Room (3 nights, 2/room): $135 (estimated)

$300 per person for conference and lodging

Registration closes December 22 (paid in installments)

Here are your next steps:

1) Check your calendar

2) Check out the conference by clicking here to get a feel for the content, the purpose, and the possibilities of how you could benefit from this.

3) Talk to your family and pray together, seeking whether this is something that God is leading you to participate in.

4) Let us know! Click here to get on the interest list.

What are the 5Ls

Our ladies ministry is continuing to grow. Various women's Bible studies are taught throughout the year. And on the first Tuesday night of every month, our ladies meet together at 6:00 in The Shed for a delicious meal, fellowship, and Bible study. This monthly gathering is called Five L's, which stands for Ladies Laughing, Loving, Learning, & Listening. Five L's is a ministry that's not just for the women at Boone Trail, but it's also for the women of our community! 

For more information, please contact:

Paula Maupin or Sharon Boreing

Bible Reading Unity Plan....... Let's READ THROUGH THE BIBLE together in 2020. You can pick up a reading schedule at our Five L's meeting, or download one here "Bible Reading Unity Plan" 

February 5Ls

February 4th @ 6:00

The Shed

Beginnings 2020!

We at 5Ls are embarking on a Systematic Bible Reading Plan for 2020!  Will you join us in this endeavor to spend time in The Word daily?

In this systematic plan, you get the whole picture..… You will be guided in daily Old Testament readings that point to Jesus, and in passages from the New Testament where Jesus is revealed.  His Word is truth! We are to immerse ourselves in truth in 2020 and pray that He reveals himself to us.  

Please see the link on this page to access this Bible reading plan.  You may also see me at church to receive a copy.  

Kathy Little helped us launch this plan this evening at our January 5Ls meeting.  We enjoyed great fellowship and delicious appetizers. We welcomed several first time visitors and are excited to see what the new year brings!

Our next meeting will take place Tuesday, February 4th at 6:00 pm in The Shed.  Chili and a potato bar will be served. We will be saving a place for you!




Where else can you give up a mere one and a half hours of your month and for that investment, you'll get to connect with women who are dealing with the same things you are! Plus you'll get a fantastic meal to accompany all this fellowship! Also you can be assured that these women will not only love you where you're at, but they'll be praying for you! And the icing on the cake? Topnotch Bible teachers will lead each month in a challenging and encouraging word from the Word! Our promise to you? One and a half hours of God-centered, God-directed ladies laughing, loving, learning, and listening! That's Five L's!