Adult Ministries

The main focus of our Adult Ministry at Boone Trail is to make disciples. We believe this to be best accomplished by connecting adults through various means to assist one another in their walk with Christ. We believe it essential for a believer's growth to have close personal relationships with others in a local body of believers. These relationships help us grow in Christ, as well as provide a form of accountability. The main venues utilized to develop these relationships are Small Groups, Home Groups, Specialized Ministries and Connection Point. As you scroll through the page, you will see each of these described. If you have any questions concerning the various Adult Ministries, please contact Pastor Wayne Bledsoe by email:

  • Small Groups

    Our Small Groups meet on Sunday mornings 9:30. These groups are typically "stage of life" oriented and are a great first step in the "connection" process. These groups utilize various forms of curriculum to study God's Word in a smaller setting where participation is welcomed from all members. If you would like assistance in becoming part of a Small Group, please ask someone at the welcome desk or contact Pastor Wayne Bledsoe at

  • Home Groups

    We know from Jesus' command in Matthew 28:18-20, one of our primary responsibilities is to make disciples. While there are various means, which contribute to making disciples, we believe meeting Home Groups play a key element in the disciple making process. In our Home Groups generational boundaries are broken as people of various ages meet in someone's home for supper, fellowship and Bible Study. Our Home Groups accomplish this by being composed more on geographical location than age specific. We believe this best models the biblical example of disciple making when you have the older believers lending wisdom and teaching to younger believers and vice versa. We would love for you to participate in one of our Home Groups. For more information on how to get plugged in, contact Pastor Wayne Bledsoe at

  • Senior Adults

    Our Senior Adult Ministry at Boone Trail is one with various opportunities for involvement. We have several different options for Small Groups on Sunday mornings as well as opportunities to be plugged into our Home Group ministry. There is valuable wisdom to be gleaned from those who have experienced so much in life and their walk with Christ. We also have breakfast and Bible Study on Tuesday mornings at 9:30 throughout most of the year. For those who enjoy trips, we typically venture out once a month from April-December to various destinations such as Dollywood, The Cove, Barter Theater and other places within a days drive. For more information about how to get involved with our Senior Adult Ministry opportunities, contact Pastor Wayne Bledsoe at

  • Women's Ministry

    Boone Trail has a thriving women's ministry known as the 5L's, (Ladies Laughing, Loving, Learning and Listening). On the first Tuesday night of each month at 6:30, our ladies gather together for a time of fellowship and Bible Study. There is always something good for supper followed by a time of studying God's Word with other women, ranging in age from college to senior adults. There are opportunities to hear from various teachers as well as musical guests from time to time. The Women's Ministry is also involved in our community through helping out various schools and others in need. If you would like more information concerning this ministry, please contact Kathy Little at or Sharon Boring at

  • Connection Point

    "Connection Point" takes place typically in March and August. These are times utilized to promote our "Groups" Ministries as well as assist those not yet involved with a Small Group or Home Group find a one. While anyone can become part of these groups at anytime, "Connection Points" are typically when new Small Groups and Home Groups begin.