Small Groups

Small groups exist as a way for people to engage in biblical community and biblical learning that helps them become more like Jesus in every area of their lives.

  • LEARN Groups

    LEARN Groups meet on Sunday mornings 9:30. 

    These groups are intended to ground believers in the "faith once for all delivered to the saints." To put it another way, on Sunday mornings we LEARN the faith in these groups. LEARN Groups follow a quarterly schedule and are open to anyone at anytime.

    Upcoming LEARN Groups for January-March 2020:

    "Living as a Church - Unity that Shows Off the Gospel" (co-ed; all ages; room 120): God, in His wisdom, has left the task of displaying the glory of his perfect character through the very imperfect people who compose His Church.  The question of how that can happen is the focus of this class.  Our goal is to understand the opportunities and responsibilities that we have as church members.

    "Suffering - Fighting for Faith in Trail" (co-ed; all ages; room 122): Not just a class on surviving, this class will prepare us to joyfully bring honor and glory to our King in a way that is dramatically compelling to those around us.  Come join us as we explore how to use our suffering as a witness for Jesus Christ,

    "Bible Overview - New Testament pt. 1" (co-ed; all ages; room 118): As we explore the New Testament, we will begin to understand the big picture of each book.  This study will be more like a flight across the country than a family cross-country road trip.  We will avoid getting caught up in the minor details, but we we'll see the scenery change as we fly over different books.

    "Evangelism - Sharing the Gospel with Our Words" (co-ed; all ages; room 119): This course is designed for persons who want to, by the grace of God, learn how to better tell others about the Savior who came to rescue sinners from the wrath of God.  For most of us, if we are honest, evangelism is intimidating.  Come join us as we explore Scripture and trust God to give us abundant grace to be faithful in telling others about His Son.

    "The Sermon on the Mount - a Line-by-Line Inductive Study" (co-ed; all ages; meeting in the Large Conference Room): Continued from our fall semester, in this study we will be exploring line-by-line Jesus' best known sermon. 

    Men's Study - Disciplines of a Godly Man (men only; all ages; meeting in the Small Conference Room)

    This is a men's only study designed to help men understand who God created them to be, and how He equips us to that end.

    Women's Study - Disciplines of a Godly Women: (women only; all ages; room 121): This is a women's only study designed to help women understand who God created them to be.  During this study we will explore  15 vital disciplines  - helping us to mature as godly Christian women and giving meaningful shape to our lives.

    Guided Studies - Explore the Bible (co-ed; all ages; rooms 101, 117, & Choir room)

    Numbers; Deuteronomy - Join us as we explore these two Old Testament books. Numbers is filled with stories of the Israelites traveling toward the promised land.  We discover detours and complaints along the way.  Deuteronomy is made up of three sermons presented by Moses as he prepared the people to cross the Jordan and take the land.  This book ends with the death of Moses, who was allowed to see the promised land but not step foot into it. Our prayer is that as we look at the stories in Numbers and the messages of Deuteronomy, we will discover afresh our need for a Savior and encouragement for living a life that honors that Savior. (December 2019 - February 2020)

    Questions? Want to get involved? Contact Pastor Gordon Christian at

  • LIVE Groups

    LIVE Groups meet in various homes and locations throughout our community on the 1st and 3rd Sunday evening of each month.  

    LEARNing the Faith is vital. Christianity is so much more than knowing a set of facts. Christian faith is a faith which transforms our lives. Following Jesus is never less than knowing, understanding, and believing he is the God in the flesh, come to die in the pace of sinners, and resting in his promise to save his people. That knowledge, though, changes our affections, desires, and lives. 

    LIVE Groups are where the rubber meets the road. This is where we LIVE the faith in our community with our brothers and sisters. Every other week we gather together across our community to share a meal, laugh and talk, pray with and for one another, and apply the Bible to our lives. This is where head meets heart and LEARNing meets LIVE-ing.

    Questions? Want to get involved? contact Pastor Gordon Christian at

  • LEAD Groups

    The Faith we LEARN, and LIVE is one which compels us to LEAD others in the Faith. LEAD groups are the way we seek to create a culture of disciple-making at Boone Trail Baptist Church. These groups are gender specific and meet weekly to encourage, hold accountable, pray for each other, memorize scripture and apply the Bible to each others lives in a more personal setting. These groups are closed by design. Every so often new LEAD Groups will form.

    Questions? Want to get involved? contact Pastor Gordon Christian at

  • Senior Adults

    Our Senior Adult Ministry at Boone Trail is one with various opportunities for involvement. We have several different options for Small Groups on Sunday mornings as well as opportunities to be plugged into our Home Group ministry. There is valuable wisdom to be gleaned from those who have experienced so much in life and their walk with Christ. We also have breakfast and Bible Study on Tuesday mornings at 9:30 throughout most of the year. For those who enjoy trips, we typically venture out once a month from April-December to various destinations such as Dollywood, The Cove, Barter Theater and other places within a days drive. For more information about how to get involved with our Senior Adult Ministry opportunities, contact the church office.

  • Women's Ministry

    Boone Trail has a thriving women's ministry known as the 5L's, (Ladies Laughing, Loving, Learning and Listening). On the first Tuesday night of each month at 6:30, our ladies gather together for a time of fellowship and Bible Study. There is always something good for supper followed by a time of studying God's Word with other women, ranging in age from college to senior adults. There are opportunities to hear from various teachers as well as musical guests from time to time. The Women's Ministry is also involved in our community through helping out various schools and others in need. If you would like more information concerning this ministry, please contact Paul Maupin at or Sharon Boring at